Price of Admission

In a past post I wrote about setting the stage for your business offering. I would like to step a bit further back into the customer journey, back to the front door shall we say.

A few years ago I was challenged by two authors to consider my business differently. They asked each of us to consider how we do business with our customers currently. Study the process throughout the complete selling cycle. Then a bomb was dropped  into the heart of the discussion.

“What would you do differently if your customers had to pay admission to do business with you?”

What would I do differently if people had to pay before doing business? This was an incredible thought and one that will need a little clarification. If we consider an up front fee to do business, how would we change our business approach? How could you make it so people wanted inside? Theatres, sporting events, rides, etc… do this every day. You must buy your ticket before you enter the event. Even Sam’s Club, Costco or Deep Discount Groups charge a fee for admission, A.K.A. the club cards. At one time Sam’s Club wouldn’t even let you look unless you were with a guest. This created enchantment to prospective customers, so much so that you would buy a one day pass that was almost half the price of the yearly membership.

What would your business look like if you could charge for admission? Could you create special passes or tickets to get in on certain days? Would you change how you perform to ensure return business and drive word of mouth marketing? Would your deliverable be well branded and your collateral materials more like invitations and playbills? How would you act and what would be your stage?

Creating interest and excitement for your customers is about creating theatre and performing a part. If you want to know more about the evolution in business delivery, my suggestion is to read a wonderful book by Joseph Pine and James Gilmore called “The Experience Economy; Work is Theatre and Every Business a Stage.”  You will never look at your business the same again.

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