Avoiding Social Octopi

We’ve all seen them at the malls, in the restaurants and even sitting across you at the dinner table. Unaware of the environment or the people around them. Deeply involved in numerous conversation through one form or another of social communication. They have become what I so lovely call the “Social Octopus.”

Yes. fingers a blazing across virtual keyboards, texting groups with frivolous information, friends with digital gossip, Twitter followers with play-by-play commentary of their daily life and even replying to the occasional invitee all the while chatting up a storm with other friends on their smartphones and through video chat on Skype with their WiFi device.

If you see one of these creatures while shopping at the mall, working in the cubicle next to theirs or taking a break at the local cafe, I suggest you walk far away or better yet run, run as fast as you can to avoid being drawn into their virtual nightmare of social communications.

So don’t become a Social Octopus this holiday season. Take the time to unplug, shut off, log off and hang up, at least for an hour and try talking face-to-face to that person across from you. You may find its the best gift your can share, spontaneous verbal communication.

Happy Holidays to all, and to all thINK Visual.

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