Are You Happy?

I love when science blends with our lives and attempts to give definition or meaning to a particular event or thing. Science is there every moment of our life and more, yet can science help us understand the mysteries in life?

I have been fascinated with the human condition as it relates to business, creativity and logic. There is one area that perplexes me; happiness. What is happiness? When do we know when we are truly happy? How do you define this thing called happiness?

Enter science or better yet, human interview research. Sparked by an article by Chip Conley, I was intrigued by his recently released book “Emotional Equations”. Where-in he explores applying emotions to a series of equations to allow the reader a better understanding of how emotions manifest themselves and how to work or appreciate ways to control or enhance these emotions.

One particular emotion he focuses on is happiness. His equation,  HAPPINESS = WANTING WHAT YOU HAVE / HAVING WHAT YOU WANT was adapted from a historic quote from Rabbi Hyman Schachtel (1954) ‘‘happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have’’. This idea about what happiness generated a research project about happiness (see research) to determine if the Rabbi’s statement was true or could there be something more to happiness.

Please read the research and then watch a great video from TedX to understand more of how logic, mathematical equations and the human condition can help us understand and work with these things called emotions.

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