Visual Thinker’s Quotes

This post is no so much about an idea or information as it is about quotes for the visual thinker.

“Language comes in three forms; written, audible and visual. It requires all three to truly understand an idea.”

“It’s okay to think inside the box as long as it’s made of glass.”

“From cave walls to boardroom screens visual thinking has been used throughout the evolution of man. It’s genetic.”

“Traditional brainstorming is like making popcorn without the lid. Sure you get lots of ideas, but they go everywhere and leaves a mess to clean up. I prefer idea guiding, it’s the lid for brainstorming popcorn.”

“If the pen is truly mightier than the sword, then we visual thinkers bring an arsenal to battle.”

“We visual thinkers can imagine, draw and diagram the path to follow, but we choose to walk first and then have the drawn path follow.”

Kevin Dulle

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