Cave Walling, 40,000 Years Later

Folks, I am happy to present a concept that has churned around in my head for a few years now. Since chatting with a good friend, Renee Malone of Kick the Moon about the image you see below.

The concept is called Cave Walling, an experience in visual thinking beyond that of graphic facilitation or visual scribing. It’s a thINKing experience.  An experience where groups of people can create, resolve or refocus ideas with visual clarity in a collaborative space.

Why do I think it is a powerful method, because “Cave Walling” taps into the earliest and most powerful of communication languages, visual imagery or graphic story telling. Combined with the written and the verbal language, Cave Walling presents an environment of communication that touches all levels of language as well as accessing and utilizing all the experiences and knowledge each participant brings to the wall. The blending of all three aspects of communication and the human resources of groups, delivers an exponentially higher level of creativity and idea development.

I hope to bring this event of Cave Walling to the masses, if not, to those seeking a better, more dynamic way of collaborating on ideas.

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