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Okay, here’s the scoop…

Every year around mid-September, Joe Pine and James Gilmore authors of “The Experience Economy: Work Is Theatre and Business a Stage” host an exciting and explosive mental think tank called thinkAbout. It becomes the gathering of some of the most creative and unconventional thinkers from around the world, all focusing in on a single goal; how to create and improve the customer experience and evolve businesses.
Find out more about thinkAbout and the authors with this link. TEE and thinkAbout.

For a few years, prior to the down spin of our economy, I had the wonderful experience in attending, no, experiencing personally this collection of thinkers, creators and doers of the Experience Economy. I learned so much from those attending this event that I am determined to get back with them and dive deep into this experiential think tank. Unfortunately times have limited my flow of funding so….

I am challenging everyone to a social media sponsorship movement on twitter called


It’s very simple, follow my Twitter feed @IdeaFreak with the hash tag #SendTheFreak and support my cause of returning to the flock. Use the twitter feed to RT or send a direct message of support to Joe Pine at @JoePine on twitter and tell him to #SendTheFreak.

My goal is simply attend this years event and maybe travel costs somehow, some way with a single sponsor, donations through the power of social media and crowd funding or social media peer-pressure, but I need your help to be successful. I’m not even sure how to get funding to Joe or into a thinkAbout kitty. Maybe you have an idea I can use.

So what’s in it for you?

Since this is a closed event, I have an extra Chit that allows someone else to attend thinkAbout in San Francisco. Now it does not cover the admission fee, but it does give you an opportunity to learn how the great leaders and businesses have enriched their offering and create dynamic and lasting customer experiences and meet with Joseph Pine and James Gilmore. This extra Chit will be offered to the largest supporter or randomly selected Tweeter for whom finally gets me there, if that is if this person chooses to go, if not I may auction it off to the highest bidder to cover hotel stay, either way it’s up for grabs in support of my cause to…


In addition, for my gratitude, I will create visual graphic recordings of the event as both a tool and memorabilia of the event so you can use or share as you like or not, it’s up to you. See below as a sample. Yes, this always does include Alumni.

As television commercials say “But wait there is more”, once you go, you too become alumni and this allows you to attend future events as well as own you own extra Chit to help others attend. Everyone wins.

So join the Social Media Experience and #SendTheFreak to thinkAbout. Please!

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