No App For That

I came to realize, as I sat at the airport waiting for my flight home, that most everyone around me were busy thumb driving their smartphones. A whole crowd of flowing hair and bald spots. All lacking any eye contact with the person next to them or the person they just bumped into without stopping. Focused on bringing up an App to do this or that, call he or she, remind themselves of who, what or when they need to do something or just digitally connect with another digital entity.

And here is my dilemma. Smart phones today are not really phones as they are extensions of our thinking. There are Apps for telling where you are, what to eat, how to shop, when to answer questions, or even find information you once learned in school but now have cleared space for task management on your GREY (Graphically Recall Enhancement of You) Matter. As I was once told, ‘Augmented reality frees up unneeded mental space for trivial processes.’ Some of these smartphones are even engineered to interact through speech as if they were the only person you needed to talk to. Heck, these GREY Matter devices even type and correct your words to be proper. Why even study at school on grammar.

Yes, these GREY devices have an APP for almost anything, but one. Thinking! Pure logic processing. The same ability that differs us from plants and most animals on our planet.

It may seem like these devices do a lot and this may be true, but these devices are creating a whole race of Think Zombies. Unable or unwilling to think on their own. Some people will argue with me that these devices are not in control, that they are tools to enhance our lives. These are the same people who constantly are distracted by a deep and buzz while attempting to hold a conversation.

Human Petrovich Pavlov’s experiments. Like the dog the was given a treat every time the bell rang only to salivate with each consecutive ring, humans rapidly, uncontrollably and unknowingly respond in a like manner. Buzzzzz and the hands draw their GREY devices faster than a hired gunslinger in the middle of a dusty street at high noon. We are programmed not to think, only to react.

Here is where I scream STOP!

I ask you, when was the last time you sat and had a serious conversation for at least 30 minutes without sneaking a peek, reacting to a vibration or touch for your device in subconscious fear you left home without it? Like most, rarely since getting your devices. We have become more than addicted, we have become one with our device. We are attached at the strongest level, at the subconscious mind.

It is this whole device, App and unconscious attachment that I fear, nay warn others about. All too often and in increasingly growing numbers, I spot Think Zombies rising among the living, feeding on self-awareness and digital importance only to avoid the necessity and burden of thinking on their own. “There is an App for that” comment has become the mantra of a new generation which spans from 7 – 70. Why think when your device can do the thinking for you.

I say we need a new App “Off” or “Be Human Again”. An App that turns off your smart phones or digital leashes to free you to think and communicate one-on-one with other humans. It could even respond for you when you get a message, call or social media content, by telling the sender you are off-line being human. again.

So I say to you, my fellow thinkers, spread the message “To Be Inspired, Get Unwired”

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