Peaking Behind the Curtain

On November 13th, 2012 13 people and myself participated in an intimate event hosted by James Gilmore, co-author of “The Experience Economy; Work is Theatre & Every Business a Stage”.

With a bit of word play in the title, this event was a day long peek at the history that guided two authors to produce, to this reader, a land mark biography of economic offerings from commodities to experiences just as the “Service Economy” was peaking. We were given an inside look behind the scenes of the development and inspiration to the creation of this publication.

Jim shared with the group 24 publications which he felt had the most impact into the birth of the “The Experience Economy”. Without going into great detail which would never do the event justice nor cover the many threads of logic and thinking that was woven throughout the book from his collection of 24. I can only give a visual map that follows the procession of information, exercises and conversations of the event.

Below I offer 1 of 4 panels from my sketchbook as I recorded the event between activities. One new panel will be presented with each post. The panels’ recordings may seem disjointed, but as you will come to discover through viewing of all the panels together, the sketches show the conversations as they moved about from book to book striking up rich debates on key elements and provocative inquiries which eventual revealed even more of the thinking behind the curtain of publication.

Until the next post, enjoy and discover a glimpse inside the logic of one of the co-authors.

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