1000 Words is Worth a Picture

They say; “A picture is worth a thousand words.” a portrait for storytelling. This may be true, yet for those Sketchnoters, Graphic Recorders and visual note takers, it should be restated as “A thousand words is worth a picture.”

1000wordsEvery time a presenter or a group gather to share ideas in the presence of a graphic recorder, we scribes of the visual canvas, translate the spoken word into powerful images, pictures as you will, for all to see. Not just pretty sketches in a book or murals stretched out upon a wall, but ideas captured on canvas or in the digital cloud. Sound too poetic? Maybe.  Yet this is what we do each time we touch pen to paper. We create a picture from the words of others so they can experience the storytelling and validity that traditional cliché, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Express yourself, keep (th)INKing and sharing and maybe your pictures will be worth more than a thousand words, rather a thousand ideas.

Hope to see you at TED Conference Remote in Chicago and joining in on the experience of visual (th)INKing.

About IdeaFreak

Graphic Facilitator - Visual Translator - Certified Experience Economy Expert - Workshop Facilitator
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