Drawing the Line

Drawing the LineThe term “Drawing the Line” has become synonymous with borders and limitations. It is wrapped in negativity and conformity. It is used to express the perimeters of an individual or group’s thinking and actions. It becomes a demarcation of effort, a distance not to exceed either from fear, risk or myth. Yet, when observed that you exceeded this distance, the demarcation of limitation, a second term is closely associated and almost always followed by “Crossing over the Line”.

I believe, as graphic recorders and visual translators in the role of idea clarity, our practice is to “Draw the Line” in a positive way every time we scribe thoughts and ideas. Use these lines to give shape, relationship and definition. Not for defining limitations or setting perimeters, rather to help explore these limitations in the outer white space and, yes, push others to cross over the very line we draw. I see my role, be it recorder or facilitator, is to draw the lines and help each person cross over these lines and (th)INK differently.

I hope you do the same.

Until next time, keep (th)INKing with lines and guide others beyond their limitations.

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