A to A Thru B

As I sat watching some of year’s NASCAR race at the airport, I am reminded of a discussion a good friend and I had about a better visual to represent the course businesses take to achieve success. We debated of what a journey should look like for a business as it moves along the path to success. We each agreed that the journey is complex and requires some flexibility as well as constant monitoring to ensure your business is following the general course established. but we differ on the visual that best represents a modern business strategy.

His view-point is a more traditional business thinking that a journey is a series of smaller increments of travel from point A to Point B. I, however, had a view the journey in a much different visual. Yes, I agree that there is a point of origin and a directionality to the journey, but I see it more as being similar to a figure eight race. In my idea, there is a starting point along a defined course, but instead of rushing to the end and then resetting, I see it as a looping path which returns to the point of origin while the driver is still moving along vying for position while always in constant check of his status, the competition, his surrounding and the vehicle’s condition. Business is continuous, not contiguous. (see diagram below)

Journey Pathsm

Like stock car racing, it’s not about going as fast as you can in a short run, instead, its careful planning and timing along the whole of the event. It’s about having a strategy for success that utilizes constant reviews and observations along the way towards the established goal.

As I see it, the goal is not simply getting from point A to Point B the fastest. To achieve success and constant growth, it’s about knowing your ability and how to use the equipment and knowledge you have to improve along the way to win the race. Achieving success in business is not about reaching the destination, rather embracing the journey that constantly builds upon itself.

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