Ideas Fly

I was told at a very young age, “Hang on to your ideas, they can help you fly.”

ideas can fly sm

Never was there a truer statement made to me that has guided my life and my dreams and what has become the inspiration for me to help others.

I want to share with you the source of this wisdom. Imagine this being spoken by a single mother of two children back in early 1940’s. A time when ideas where too costly to have and dreams were more about having food for her children and putting clothes on their backs then soaring with an idea. But she fought and held on to a simple idea of becoming more. She achieved a leader position in the fashion industry in a time when it was controlled by the old boys clubs and women toiled in the factories.

She was an inspiration back then as she is still to this day. Thank you Florence, my grandmother, for all the insanity and love that you taught your daughter and then me.

Dream big ideas and never let them go. You’ll be amazed at where they may take you.

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