Graphics Out of Control


What do you see?

The most difficult thing for a graphic recorder or facilitator is the application of graphics to express an idea. Graphics are interpretive, because of this, an image may have more meaning than what we imagine as we draw it out. Let’s refer to the example above.

In the graphic above, is the figure giving, sharing or stealing an idea? Maybe the figure is examining the mind of the subject or maybe worse, the graphic implies the subject is mindless. No matter how you may read the graphic you can see even a simple graphic can be very powerful. Like a quick text, a single image may lack framework or context to guide its meaning. Without context, the content is left to personal interpretation by the viewer and may hinder or derail the viewer from understanding the idea being recorded.

My rule; don’t ink disconnected or unsupported images unless you are attempting to create provocation of the viewer.

As written before, like the written language, graphics need connectivity or relationship to other graphics or text to create context. Let’s look at the same graphic with a single word added to the image and see what you read from the set this time.


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