Presto Chango!

I am still amazed by magicians. They create the illusion that magic exists. In fact, it actually does in some form when you think of all the practice and psychology that goes into art of magic and illusion. Magic is merely not knowing the mechanics, direction or outcome and being rewarded by the performance when it happens

This reminds me of a quote…

mad hatter quote

Graphic facilitators and Visual Thinkers do not offer magical solutions. Those are only found in fairy tales. What is available to small businesses and start-ups is the ability of visual thinking, graphic facilitation and recording and even the growing popularity of sketchnotes to create a vision. As the Mad Hatter states, to utilize the strength of visualization, one must believe.

There are some people who refuse to believe that visualization can help create a solution. Graphic facilitators and recorders are perceived as artist to the spoken word. Transforming speech and text into murals of conscious thought. People don’t need to believe in magic to have visual thinking help create solutions. The reality is, like magicians who train, research, rehearse and master their art (skill), graphic facilitators and recorders are specialist in drawing out processes and opportunities. Science and art blend in such a way that it can appear to be a magical solution, but it is not. It is a truly enriched thinking process.

Once a company or individual embraces how powerful visual thinking can be, then, I guess, something truly magical does happen, clear vision. It is this clarity of vision that creates a strong strategy and eventually growth and success.

As I always share with people I meet, “the best plan is one seen by all.”

However, if you are still looking for a magical solution, than you must believe in magic to find it are forever wait.

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