Words with Emotion

Sketchnote Lesson:

In sketchnotes, we share the idea of capturing emotion with smiley faces on stickmen and these are easy and classic, there is also a way to add emotion to words with a bit of forethought and practice. 

Let’s have a bit of visual fun and add stronger emphasis on those words we use.

SKNT lesson

A great source for lettering with emphasis are comic books, children picture books and graffiti. Learn from others who communicate with strong visuals to enhance your visual notes. So, just as you build up your visual library, try building your word emotion library as well. The more you add visual clues to your Sketchnotes and Graphicnotes, the greater the impact of the underlining information.

By the way, did you notice your eyes went right to the “POWER” word. Color also is a great add to emotion.

Remember, keep your ideas sketchy and visual, because the best ideas are ones seen by all.


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