Duality and Polarity: A Business Challenge

Earlier this year I was offered an opportunity, no, a challenge to develop a visual that demonstrated the duality and polarity relationship in business. The first question I needed to be answered was how the presenter defined each of these terms and the application.

Si Alhir, an Executive Coach for Business Agility and Digital Transformation, was preparing to present this idea for a webcast and needed some visual to help frame the conversation for his listeners.

The challenge was complex. There were many moving pieces, conflicting ideas as I was very limited with my experience on this subject. After reading some of his content, the idea became much clearer and evoked a very old idea of duality and hinted at polarity.

Along with the illustration, Si asked if I could provide some language that he could present along with the image. The following quote is what was provided to help support the illustration.

“Business agility, as illustrated, is more about duality, the use of opposites, rather than focusing on the polarity of direction and tactics.”

To provide a basis to the illustration and the quote, I chose to reference the classic court cards, A.K.A. Face cards of poker cards, I was able add a bit of twist to convey the idea that polarity and duality are coexisting in the world of agility, fragility and anti-fragility.

What this opportunity provided was a clarity to complexity. Many businesses have similar complex ideas and systems within their own organization. Complexities that may create gaps to achieving agility. These gaps are intangible, and many times, unseen. It is not until they are made tangible through one form or another can a organization identify the gaps and begin building methods and paths to cross those gaps.

If you have a few moments, take a look and listen to the webcast and learn about business agility from one of the most resourceful and insightful business coaches I have met in a long time. https://vimeo.com/331975203

Until next time, find ways to make your intangible ideas tangible.

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