Stargazing in a Crisis

What can astronomy teach us about this crisis?

In the vastness of empty space in the night sky, there are many points of light. Small and undefined. Yet, if you focus on a single point of light with the right tool, an amazing new world emerges. Clarity and focus reveal something wonderful.

We are all looking staring into the blackness of these times, yet there are great opportunities if we focus on a single point. For companies learning to adapt to remote workers and incorporating virtual platforms, the world becomes more accessible. Craftsman and Crafters are creating wonderfully inspired works and sharing their knowledge with the world.

My suggestion today, stop seeing the crisis and focus on the opportunity. It will be tough and you may need that special tool to help you, but if you scan the darkness, you will find a bit of light that can reveal something you have overlooked amongst all the noise and distractions.

Be safe, stay healthy and remain wise in these times.

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