Memories Tied to Emotions

Think about the last memorable experience you had…

You can smell the smells, almost taste the food, visualize the sights and hear the sounds. Do you remember how it made you feel?

Recalling it now even brings that feeling back and allows you to relive the experience in this moment.

You see, the things that define an experience are the places, the senses, the activities and the emotions connected to a given experience.

Emotion and memory are so closely intertwined that rarely does one exist without the other. So create experiences with an emotion outcome in mind. This is the ‘Invisible Gift’ you give with each experience that makes the stage experience unforgettable.

The Experience Economy is about creating greater economic value that are personal and memorable, emotions are the anchor of those memories.

This is true of Patient Experience, Customer Experience and all other experiences.

Plan for the emotional outcome and reinforce the memories that entices them back again and again.

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