Future History Mapping

How many times have you or your organization created a strategy only to have it diverted for various reasons. Things change over time. Strategies get altered or redirected. Most never return to their original course or ever achieve their goal.

Some of the key factors that leads to this outside of the external unforeseen conditions is simply, the strategy was not mapped out. It may have not established milestones along the way. Most strategies are single focused, winner take all approaches. This single goal sounds easy enough, but there are too many possibilities for failure if you don’t see them coming and plan accordingly.

Future History is an interesting visual thinking tool that can help. It can guide anyone or organization through various milestones and identify numerous hurdles that could impact the success of achievement.

It begins in the future.

Yes, the future. Since the purpose of the strategy is to achieve an end goal, wouldn’t it make sense to start there and work your way back to the present? By using this method you can create those steps along the way that are waypoints for adjustments.

Take a look at this video about Future History: and see how writing your a future headline can help create a better strategy.

See more videos in the “Visual Thinking” section of this website.

I would enjoy reading your impressions of this technique. And please do subscribe to the YouTube Channel and to this blog for future content.

Thank you.

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