Unlocking the New You

“So, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

We must of all heard this in our youth. But things have changed as we have gotten older. Being one thing is no longer the norm. The world around us has changed and that #change has impacted each of us.

So how do you adapt to #change? One way to think about what to do next or be next is through #VisualThinking and a simple Venn Diagram.

First list those things you know, are skilled at and interest you have today. Cut them out and place them in the left-hand space. Now do the same for what you would be passionate about becoming in the future and place those in the right-hand space.

Now move all the things that are in common to the overlap space, because, remember, Venn Diagrams are about similarities and differences.

It maybe a simple exercise, but it may help give you focus and show you what you already know, what you need to improve and what new things to learn to achieve your passion or the new you.

I hope this sheds some light and focus to help answer that age old question “What do you want to be…. when you grow up?”

Please comment what you see. Until next time. Keep Thinking in Ink to SEE what’s possible.

#personalgrowth #doodle #Visualthinking #insightsdiscovery

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