Sounds of Caring

Sound… its one of the five senses. With experiences, sound plays a large role in the engagement process of the experience. It would only make sense that sound would have its experts in environmental harmonics.

Yoko K. Sen is one of those experts. A self-proclaimed Sound Alchemist and confirmed by associates and clients, she has explored how sound affects patients in various phases of healthcare. Have been a patient herself due to a serious illness, she experienced first-hand the trauma that sound plays on hospitalized patients.

I was introduced to Yoko many years ago at a healthcare conference. Her story and her research were amazing to say the least. She explore the non-harmonic tones that hospital equipment and monitors made and started her new path to change the equipment to become more harmonious and soothing to patients and add to the healing process.

Recently, one of her efforts created a dynamic and very emotional insight into the daily impact that Covid has had inside the medical community. Her artistic film paints a picture of not one victim, but two. It has opened my eyes and mind to the real pain and anguish being experienced.

See the film:

Below is a Visual Translation of the premier event launch of this film. Please save and share.

For all of us, this quote from the event says a lot, “Listening is an act of love.” maybe we should take a moment to stop talking about ourselves and listen to those in pain and sorrow.

You can follow Yoko Sen on Twitter: @yokoksen

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