Having Your Cake

Have you even had to teach someone about diagrams, say your kids and found it hard to just speak to it? Maybe you should try drawing it out and using some examples.

In school one of the most useful diagraming tools is the Venn Diagram. Unfortunately I feel it has gone to the pit of forgotten logic toolbox. To illustrate my point, take a look at how the Venn Diagram can be used to help sort baking needs by identifying the similarities and difference in cake recipes. This method also helps create the foundation to creating other variations or new creations.

Now imagine applying to this to other similar tasks and processes. That’s what John Venn intended. Identify the similarities of two items. The similarity can become the ground work for creating a construction base.

Imagine an artist who is looking at developing a unique style or signature look to their work. By taken two or more of their work and applying the Venn Diagram process to find all the similarities, an artist can establish their core style and then expand each new creation from that.

Take a look at an example of an example of a graphic novel artist:

Notice a style or theme that emerges from the diagram. The overlap identifies common traits in the work. This is the basis to their style or signature look.

Here’s another example:

By taking two or more successful creations and diagraming them out the overlap can identify the similarities in the work created and develop a common thread that can be leveraged for future work.

I hope these examples of the power of visual thinking and the use of a Venn diagrams is insightful and helpful to you. I have provided a black one for your own use below. If it is you may enjoy other visual thinking tools that can be found in Visual Thinking or on my Dr. Draw YouTube Channel.

Please view, share, like and comment if you like. But most of all, please subscribe to both my channel and this site so that you get updates on future content.

Who knows, something you see might also help someone you know who needs a new perspective on an issue they are having.

Until next time, keep thinking in ink and we’ll chat again soon.

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