Beers and Pets: How to sort your friends

Yes, I do mean using a few beers and your pets to determine the type of friends you have.

This week’s post and episode on Visual Thinking with Dr. Draw is all about trust and companionship. Based on a story shared to me from a fellow Experience Economy Expert, Dennis Mosley Williams, I decided to bring the idea to life.

As the idea goes, we are asked two questions about our friends. These two questions define our two axises on a classic 2×2 matrix. The first question seems pretty easy, ‘Would you share a couple of beers with this person?’ And when I say share, also realize that sharing is reciplical. Each of you gladly share s the bill, but mostly you enjoy the one-on-one companionship.

The second question deals with a bit deeper issue of trust by asking the question; ‘Would you trust this person to watch your pet for the weekend?’ Think about it. Would you trust them to feed, walk and play with your pet while you’re away? Not many friends would, at least of mine, how about yours?

The real challenge comes when we mix up the responses into a matrix. Watch the video below and see if you can spot which quadrant your friends would fall. By doing this, you may just discover something about yourself as well. Where would you fall if they did with their friends? Yes, that would include you as well.

I hope you enjoy this slightly odd exercise in categorization and visual thinking. If you like these videos, please subscribe to the channel.

If you have any ideas, please feel free to post a comment on the channel or here on the post.

Until next time, keep thinking in ink and lat your ideas be SEEn.

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