Hiring an Experience Designer

Things to think about when hiring an Experience Designer or an experience design firm.

On this Friday, I wanted to share some key facts (sort of) that one should consider if thinking about hiring an Experience Designer or firm.

1. Be aware of the 70/20/10 Rule: More ideas are better to create a successful Experience for your customers.

2. An ED (Experience Designer) must be more than just an environment/retail designer.

3. Understand that some EDs are by title only. A buzzword to catch your attention and business.

4. Good to great EDs design time, not stuff.

5. EDs must understand your customer’s demands.

Why believe me… I have had the great fortune and privilege to work with the authors of the Experience Economy, Joe Pine and James Gilmore as well as many certified Experience Economy Experts in various industries over the years. These interactions and learning engagements provide me a unique insight into the world of Experiences.

One must know that Experiences are not about a look or evaluation of the customer, but about engagement and time.

The one fact that has remain constant is the Experience Economy is here and those who do not adapt and adopt will not thrive in this era of Experiences. Be cautious though.

FYI: I do not claim myself an ED, rather a guide for those seeking to elevate their business and stage experience for their customers. Avoid those who use only the title and have no formal training in the customer engagement or planning.

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