Stop The Boring Workshops

After 30 years of conference going, presentations and so-called ‘Hands-on seminars’, I have had enough. I am tired of so called workshops being hour long commercials that provide little tools or insights that i can actually use in my business. So, I took action and redesigned what a workshop should be.

What I created was a 3 hour Un-Workshop for service businesses to discover how to elevate their customer engagement and increase their value. No more 3 ring binders filled with PowerPoint slides that were read by the presenter, I flipped the whole idea around where the attendees create the content and learning information which is then shared with the whole group.

Its an Un-Workshop designed and guided by me, and the content is all attendee created during the 3 hours. The power of PBL (problem Based Learning) and creative wordplay generates more ideas in a few minutes than most conferences do in a few days.

See below:

Okay, I admit it seems simple, but I assure you it is only simple in framework. What is created is sometimes wondrous, even to me and I’ve this workshop many times. I am always impressed my attendees who say they’re not creative and then turn around and create some of the most impressive, creative and engaging transformations to basic service businesses into great experiences.

Here’s a look at how it plays out.

Attendees don’t get a binder filled with poor printed slides or a handout that really doesn’t provide much, what they walk away with is what they and their team create during the Un-workshop, great fellowship with peers and a very memorable experience they ever had at any conference before.

I guarantee that the buzz this workshop will create for a conference and those who participate will exceed whatever marketing could be created.

Learn about the Experience Economy without actually learning about the Experience Economy and discover the principles that are changing the service industries forever.

If you found this blog post then you can easily find me as well.

See you all real soon.

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