MiniWorkshop #3 – 1 Word Theming

Have you ever started designing and found that you had drifted so far off the original concept and can’t get back?

Maybe you have so many ideas you can’t determine which ones should be used and which ones to put up on the shelf. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many designers and planners have these moments of inspiration followed by idea overload. One way I found that helps is by using a theming tool or practice to keep you on track and avoid the idea drift.

As with all great experiences, there are some key elements that are woven into all of them. One key element is emotion. Think back on that last experience you had. How did it make you feel? What emotion does it bring back when you reflect on it?

If emotion is so closely tied to an experience, then why not use it as your guiding principle. Start with the end in mind and work back, to the first moment your customer becomes aware of its existence.

Francis Ford Coppola is famous for his one word themes to help shape his films. He uses it to measure the importance or necessity of any shot or language used in the film. If it does not enhance or strengthen the shot or scene, he didn’t use it. He stayed on track with his ideas by using the one word as the guide-rails for the project.

Here is another mini-workshop and micro-workbook to help you when designing an experience.

If this helps in any way, drop me a comment and share your experience.

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