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Banking on the Experience Economy

Banking on the Experience Economy Elevating the Value Let’s face reality; banking is a service business. Banks provide customers with financial services and charge for doing what their customers cannot do for themselves. In today’s market, banking is faced with … Continue reading

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Attracting Customers Is Not Enough

A minor shift in customer journey maps creates major refocus of business actions. Continue reading

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Guided Change

Guiding change is critical for personal, business and organizational growth. If you do not choose your own path, someone else will choose it for you and there you never win. Read more about guided change. Continue reading

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Change Through an Idea Prism

There has been a lot of talk online and at various conferences these past years about change with management and culture. Most of these conversations have been around a single change or a single possible outcome. In my idea of … Continue reading

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Seeing the Future of SEL

I had a wonderful opportunity to capture the ideas and conversations of a growing movement in the educational world. SEL (Social Emotional Learning) is an empathetic approach to learning and is seeing a growing following. Here’s a look at the thinking … Continue reading

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thinkAbout 2016 Captured

Two days with B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore at the annual thinkAbout conference in New Orleans. Continue reading

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