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Experience Designer – A Modern Myth

So, who wants to be an Experience Designer? Apparently everyone in the design world. The term “Experience Design” or “Experience Designer” has become today’s unicorn of titles. The term conjures up  images of designers dressed in black contemplating great things, … Continue reading

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My Brainstorming POV

Having just experienced a brainstorming session by another “Creative Brainstorm” facilitator, my inner provocateur wanted to shift from visual to very verbal, but I restrained myself. In the fashion of visual communication, I turned to the pen. I let my … Continue reading

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Avoiding Social Octopi

We’ve all seen them at the malls, in the restaurants and even sitting across you at the dinner table. Unaware of the environment or the people around them. Deeply involved in numerous conversation through one form or another of social … Continue reading

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SM (Social Marketing) Rant

Ahh. Lunchtime in the company kitchen presents so many opportunities to engage in meaningful conversation about the weather, sports, family encounters or, on those very special occasions, the rantings of the “Not So Politically Correct” mouth piece. To transcribe his … Continue reading

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