My Story

Many people ask me why I do Visual Translations. The answer is easy. I enjoy helping others communicate better and have their ideas become understood and memorable.

Most of how we communicate is visual, literally almost 90%. We’re visual creatures by nature. Yet, too many people rely only on the spoken or printed word to help convey ideas and hope that others understand and retain what was shared. The dilemma is that many of us spend much of our energy trying to communicate ideas, strategies and intentions with only words. The challenge with this is there are no memory triggers associated with this form of communication. With no visual triggers, there is nothing to help people remember what you are trying to express. The shocking results from university research on memory tells us that people only remember 9-10% at best of what your told them months later.

Hello, my name is Kevin Dulle and I help others communicate, explain easier, and think better through the use of illustrated visuals.

I have been creating illustrations for over 40 years for both myself as art and for others as explanation imagery. I combine my love of illustration with a formal education in design, mathematics, logic and a career in architecture to create images that enhance ideas. Sounds pretty heavy right? Well maybe it is, and this is what makes what I do so unique. I combine each of these disciplines into the medium of Visual Translation. Simply stated, I convert other’s ideas, communication, and conversations into hand-drawn visual storyboards and images so people understand better and see the same information and retain ideas longer.

Growing up in Missouri, all my life I have heard the phrase ‘show me.’ It’s even our state motto. A motto I have taken to heart with a passion for helping others see ideas. My motto is simple, people must see to believe in an idea, Once people believe, then they can act on that idea making it possible to achieve.

Meetings, gatherings, lectures and workshops all have become to formulated. Content is reused over and over, mostly because people resource existing content and try to make it work for their need or, worse, rely on text and the spoken word to try and convey ideas. My goal is to help people communicate better and have their ideas remembered.

Don’t believe what you read, see for yourself who some of my clients are and how their sharing their thinking so that those ideas stick clearly in the minds of others. Take a peek at some of the different ways visual translation have been used.

Client List

Some Visual Examples