Experience Design for Non-Designers

This is not your typical workshop. This is a highly energized and interactive design workshop created to help educate and engage your thinking around experiences and the Experience Economy even if you’re not a designer or an Experience Economy Expert.

Developed with the non-designer in mind, participants who want to learn about Experiences and Experience Design, even if they plan to hire a designer to create it for them, will enjoy this worksop. It provides enough information through a unique set of frameworks and collaborative exercises that groups can create and expand an idea into an experience within the session.

So, here’s what to expect.

It begins by sparking an idea based on existing services and goods.

Then the idea is expanded through various frameworks to create a full featured experience.

To continue the designing process, the concept is then mapped to identify key phases of the Experience.

Will participants walk away for a completed Experience Design? Truthfully, No. That requires much more training and specialized design skills.

What this workshop will offer is that they will walk away with a strong understanding of what an Experience that creates economic value should be versus what many are commonly calling a customer experience. Mostly, participants will be able to speak with any Experience Designer easily and communicate precisely their ideas to ensure that they experience they want to stage is the experience created. 

If you would like to host an Experience Design for Non-Designer workshop, drop me a note and I’ll get back to as soon as possible. 

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The Experience Economy is not coming…. It’s already here and more and more companies are elevating their offering to be in demand of the modern consumer and avoid commoditization by competing on price, price, price.