Ideas for Using Visual Thinking

Capturing Conversations

Capturing meeting conversations or presentations at gatherings, visual translations highlight key ideas, information or observations in a way that creates a dynamic and memorable take-away. A take-away that ignites the imagination and creates a visual reminder that brings audiences back to the event.

Would you like your ideas to be memorable?

Audience and Attendee Feedback

Surveys typically only seek the answers people are searching for, but do not explore other possibilities. Using graphic walls can create an engaging and interactive medium which audiences and event attendees want to participate with.

Crowds gather and watch ideas grow. Not ideas from presenters or even vendors, but ideas that other attendees share. As the visual translator, its my role to also provide connection with the ideas and thoughts provided by the audience and attendees in a form that no survey can create.

Hear and see what your attendees really think.

Workshop Creativity

Are your workshop handouts the same text heavy PowerPoint printouts that everyone else does?

Creating graphic worksheets helps to engage attendees in wanting to capture the ideas shared during the workshop. It helps them become more engaged in the content and make the content more personal and of greater value. Designed like idea maps, graphic worksheets add that bit of magic that is lacking in most handout material.

“Working with Kevin has been a great experience. He has helped change our workshops to become more engaging and creative.” – Dennis M. W.

Do you want to add more life to your ideas?

Explanation Storyboards

Leveraging visual explanation storyboards, ideas can be communicated clearly. Words alone can be misinterpreted or confusing. We learn better visually and using visual storyboards can help communicate complex ideas quickly.

Have a complex idea or process your need to explain easily? Maybe its time to have others see your idea to begin to believe and understand.

Need Something Special

Have some other needs for visualization? Customized work for presentations, illustration and special uses are always possible.

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