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Change Through an Idea Prism

There has been a lot of talk online and at various conferences these past years about change with management and culture. Most of these conversations have been around a single change or a single possible outcome. In my idea of … Continue reading

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Seeing the Future of SEL

I had a wonderful opportunity to capture the ideas and conversations of a growing movement in the educational world. SEL (Social Emotional Learning) is an empathetic approach to learning and is seeing a growing following. Here’s a look at the thinking … Continue reading

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Misalignment Hassles of Life and Business

Have you ever experienced a car that was out of alignment. The strangest of noises occur. Excessive wear on the tires, possibly leading to unusual balding patterns. Eventually this misalignment can cause costly repairs and replacement if allowed to go unchecked. … Continue reading

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Keep the Book “Look” a Secret

James Gilmore’s book “Look” sneak. Order book on Amazon today. Continue reading

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Alcoholism Rises to 500%

This may soon be the headline we read in the not too far future. When mapping out cause and effect of any new development or change, it maybe helpful to visually map out how that new development or change will … Continue reading

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Pigtails and Rabbit Ears

Redefining how to measure a customer experience through visual thinking and graphic facilitation. Continue reading

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