Learning From Alice

Understanding the flow in the Experience Economy from Joe Pine, Alice in Wonderland and my white-paper; "Creating Experiential Places: A Case For Place Personae".

thinkAbout 2013

The best conference based upon the book "The Experience Economy; Work is Theatre & Every Business a Stage. Joseph Pine and James Gilmore's interactive experiential thinking conference. Who knows where we will be next year.

Reflections of TEE

For those in the know, this past September in San Francisco, Pine and Gilmore held their annual thinkAbout. An event that embraces the concepts and principles that drive or evolve economic offerings into an experience. Unfortunately, my attendance was hampered this year by many issues, too many to bore you with. Instead of sulking in …

It’s Showtime!

How do you present yourself, your offering and the delivery? I have met many consultants or service individuals in the past years. They have presented themselves, usually, professionally, offered a good product and delivered in the expected method. Just like everyone else. I phrase it in this manner because of the absence of a memorable …