thinkAbout 2014

Are you one that believes that by creating an experience you provide greater value to customers, members or any type of visitor? You’re not alone. Each year somewhere across America a band of like-minded experiential thinkers gather with Joseph Pine and James Gilmore to put into practice the ideas and techniques shared in their book “The Experience Economy: Work is Theatre and Every Business a Stage.”

Here are some of my Graphicnotes from the event held in Cincinnati in 2014. The group explored Persona development. I’m not speaking¬†about Stereotyping, but raw persona development.

thinkabout 14_01 2k

thinkabout 14_02 2k

thinkabout 14_03 2k

thinkabout 14_04 2k

Wow! What an incredible time with some of the best experiential thinkers you’ll ever meet. In 2015, the group heads to Atlanta to take on new experiences and apply more of the principles to enrich their thinking and their offerings.

If you’re interested about attending a thinkAbout, click on over to the official site: Strategic Horizons and read more about the events. The event is not open to the public, but I have a few alumni contacts that would be willing to share their membership with you.

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SPARK 2013 Highlights

On Thursday and Friday of this past week, I had the great opportunity to attend COCAbiz’s SPARK 2013 Creative Conference which focused on Collaboration and Design Thinking. It was an incredible event filled with speakers, activities and performances by both staff and attendees. The following canvases are Visual Translations produced from personal experiences and of guest speakers. Let’s call it a visual recap of 14 hours of inspiration and collaboration. (I will update this post as canvases are completed.)

Start Witth Why 2013

Simon Sinek’s Presentation on “Start with Why”

Design Thinking Pres

“Design and Brand Thinking as Business Lenses” by Neil Stevenson of IDEO and Debbie Millman of Sterling Brands.

SPARK 2013 Cast

8 presenters, 6 minutes each, 2 days

Spark activities 2013

Sketchbooks and Collaboration “The Musical” Spark Creativity Labs