The thINKery is a unique place/space to create new ideas that are Bigger, Bolder, and Better to help spark the imagination of what could be possible. The thINKery does not exist in one single location, it is a space wherever people need want to gather and begin making the ordinary extraordinERY.

The thINKery is a staged environment that provides permission to be playful and creative when people are seeking experience design or unique problem solving.

Unlike traditional workshops where the agenda is defined by a clock, the Un-Workshop follows the timing of the creation and development of the idea. Ideas do not happen at predetermined moments in time, so the agenda is fluid to better guide groups through the creative thinking process. Because this method is different, the format no longer acts like a workshop it becomes something better and quite different.

Highlighted at the World Experience Organization gatherings. Rank 10 out of 10.

One tool for creative Experience Design is the ERY Method. This is no idea generator like you have experienced before. The ERY Method was designed to spark ideas, understand complex concepts around Experience Design for both the seasoned experience designer and the non-designer. It doesn’t matter your skill level or your background, the ERY Method is designed and develop to help anyone create an experience through a creative process of wordplay and visualization. Its more play and laughter than work and debate.

This Un-Workshop ERY Method tool has help many to develop and design experiences from traditional services. It takes place-making to whole new level of excitement and imagination.

How does it work?

Take a small group of people (10-30) at any place or space of your choice. (Best if its away from the daily grind.)

Don’t need to provide them with any prep or fixed agenda. Provide a few hours to get engaged. The more time, the greater the amount of engagement and creation of ideas.

I’ll stage the thINKery and guide them through an engaging and though-provoking session that will unleash their creative juices and help create some amazing places of experience. They will understand what an experience business is and how they can actually begin the design process being an actual experience designer.

Do you want to challenge your people at the next executive retreat, conference or designer gathering? Do you need it to be engaging and memorable and not death by Powerpoint or a one hour commercial, then send me a request and let’s make it happen.