Explaining Visual Thinking

Meet the host, Kevin M. Dulle

Explaining what Visual Thinking is and how it can improve your thinking capabilities.

Visual Thinking With Dr. Draw

Episodes 05 – 07

“2×2 Matrix – Finding New Markets and Products” – EP05

Complexity Level = 4

2×2 matrix exercise

Developing new markets and products through the use of a 2×2 matrix .

“The New You” – EP06

Complexity Level = 2

Using a Venn diagram to focus.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” In this episode we help you uncover the possibilities.

“Sorting Friends” – EP07

Complexity Level = 3

Using a Venn diagram to focus.

Would you trust your friends to watch your pet over the weekend? The same ones you would share a beer with? Let’s find out.

Thanks to Dennis Mosley Williams for this suggestion.

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Dr. Draw’s Doodle Challenges

“Out of Circles” – Doodle Challenge 01

“Out of Triangles” – Doodle Challenge 02

“Easy As A B C” – Doodle Challenge 03

“Squiggles” – Doodle Challenge 04

Now, let’s take a break and have some creative thinking fun.

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