Conference attendances are dropping. Traditional conference strategy is not holding the excitement attendees expect, especially at many of the expo and vendor showrooms. Many of these lack any choreographed engagement beyond the booth activity. There is a better option.


Literally, draw them into the big picture of shared ideas with a well staged and engaging process of collaboration drawn on a large scale. Art and entertainment with a unique purpose of engaging attendees and sharing their insights and ideas. Its an experience in visualization that people can’t help, but engage.

It’s even more fun watching others search for their comments and ideas and then socialize that with others. It’s crowd created marketing at its best.

So, at your next conference, convention or gathering, add a bit of excitement, fun and crowd-sourcing that engages and keeps them coming back to see the collection grow. It’s an art experience with a purpose.

Below are some examples of other events and applications from Keynote speaker captures to crowdsourcing ideas.

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