The Experience Workshop

When you need to create a distinct differentiation from your competition and evolve your business from that of a traditional business to the next level of economic offering, Experience Economy workshops explore the fundamentals of designing unique engagements that can become Experiences that the modern consumer is searching for.

  • Understand what is driving consumers to demand experiences
  • Learn to apply techniques to customize your offering and avoid commoditization
  • Explore new methods that transform traditional businesses into Experience stagers
  • Discover powerful tools leveraged by successful Experience stagers
  • Collaborate with co-workers, management teams and associates to create designs and approaches unique and authentic to your business
  • Learn how to shift from Time well saved to Time well spent your customers

Like it or not, the world has moved out of the Services Economy and is fully engaged in the Experience Economy. Consumers are no longer satisfied by merely acquiring things, they want to embrace experiences and create memories.

The workshop guide is one of the handful of Certified Experience Economy Experts that have been approved by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore, authors of the book “The Experience Economy: Work Is Theatre and Every Business a Stage.”

This unique and immersive type of workshop gives you an in-depth understanding of the key elements of staging Experiences and can be applied to designing Patient, Customer and Guest Experiences that enhance and evolve your current business offering.

Guide cards

Workshop Length: 8 – 12 Hours

To learn more or schedule a conversation, please contact me through the Contact page.

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