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When it comes to communicating an idea, concept, business plan or even with the process of brainstorming, a picture, as the old saying goes, is worth a thousand words. Collaborating on a thinking canvas enhances exploration of ideas and models in the most dynamic of methods. It becomes a single collective document of ideas, conversations and concepts. Small or large, refocusing or developing; graphic recording and visual thinking is integral part to group involvement, exploration and understanding of shared ideas.

Can you recall the last time meeting goers actually reflected on their notes and handouts after a meeting? 

The answer is probably very rarely if not, ever. How beneficial would it be if you can reignite those ideas shared during a meeting or an event? What if there was a method that could ensure that everyone wanted to review their notes and handouts well after a meeting and continued developing ideas long after the meetings concluded. How powerful of a tool would that be for your organization?

“We spent a considerable amount of money on handouts and reports that nobody really reviews, there must be a better way to re-engage our people.

newfooter10There is great reward and return when you can have attendees, co-workers or partners wanting to revisit what was communicated and shared from an experience well after the event. Retention and recall are very important to implementing change, progression of a vision or simply reinforcing training, but pages upon pages of handouts and notes are an expensive resource that seems to fill the recycling bins and not the minds of the readers. There is a better solution.

“I wish you could see what I am envisioning.”

newfooter04Creating ideas is only half the battle when you need to share your vision, concept or strategic journey with others. Visual Translations go beyond just recording as well. They can be key elements in ideation to help keep everyone involved on the same page as well as illustrate the relationship of roles within the larger scheme of the idea.

“Together, we can now see the big picture and act as one in achieving the vision.”

When the need to have recall and ongoing interaction is essential to the success of a program or maintaining momentum, visual thinking or a visual translation is the perfect complement to an event, meeting, presentation or conceptual ideation. Visual Translation is a process of graphic note-taking of conversations, meetings, brainstorm sessions and lectures that increases memory, enhances retention and improves recall.

This is not performance art, this is art that improves performance.

Banner Special noticeVisual translation can be performed on-site, remotely via broadcast or even from recorded sources such as video and digital audio. A visual translator focuses on more than mere dictation of the spoken word, rather focuses on the inflection of the speaker, the overall tone and the addition of sidebar conversations that may have relevance to the overall content to create a clearer broad picture above that of traditional documentation, a picture is content with context.

Utilizing a visual translation offers the ability to envision collectively the ideas shared and to add impact to the key message. Please, take a moment to visit some of the examples of other work inside the thINK Well Gallery. Just click one of the icons below or if your need is much more urgent, fill out the form below for more information.

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