“Things which are different in order simply to be different are seldom better, but that which is made to be better is almost always different.”

Dieter Rams

Visual translation is a better method of capturing ideas, conversations and plans. By capturing through a combination of visuals and text, connections between ideas can spark new, better combination. Strategy planning made visual can also keep the goals in view and align teams and departments working in harmony rather than in conflict or in silos.

So if you are wondering what is visual translation and why is it important? Simply put, its like the overdrive gear for the thinking brain in a physical and tangible form.

“It’s About Curating A Space Where Ideas Can Grow”

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Through the use of visual translation, focused listening skills and guided facilitation, I graphically translate intangible ideas into tangible content. Content that can add clarity, guide and even aide in communicating complex ideas.

This is more than performance art, this is art that improves performance.

If you’re ready to elevate your thinking and see your ideas, create a thinking experience to be remembered and leverage the power of visualization then all you need to do is ask. Today is the best opportunity to begin the change for tomorrow.

“Together, we can now see the big picture and act as one in achieving our vision.”

In addition to visual translations that can capture your ideas, a series of workshops are available to guide the creation of ideas around strategic planning and the Experience Economy. Workshops that are more than discussion and workbook, sessions that are interactive and leverage visual thinking techniques. Continue reading to discover how visualization can help elevate your offering and thinking.

“Kevin Dulle is one amazing talent! As I’ve seen many times, not only can he visually translate any discussion in real-time, but he can lead any group in thinking creatively and developing ideas.

I’m in awe.”

Author: B. Joseph Pine II

Visual Translations

Visual Translations are graphic captures of conversations, meetings and various types of presentations. More than just taking notes and collecting content, visual translations capture the context and the high-level relevant information lost in simple text.

“It’s like having a photo of the conversation, but with words, images and other related content.”

Visual Translations capture as well as inspire creative thinking and collaboration with individuals, teams and whole organizations. It is a real-time reflection of the thinking process on one end and a thinking guide on the other.

In addition, visual translations for events become keep-sakes and visual reminders of key events and interesting moments shared by presenters, attendees and participants.


Workshops & Publications

Out In Publication

Now available at Blurb.com “Coloring the Experience Economy” 2019 edition

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Workshop Programs

The Experience Economy Workshop

Evolve to ee TTC

Throughout history, the world has seen various economic eras. In the beginning commerce was created by the exchange of materials extracted from the earth. This was the Commodities Economy. It wasn’t until people began customizing and packaging commodities into small stock items called goods that the economic offer progressed. This was the next evolution of economics we now call the Goods Economy.

Once more a shift happened in the economy when these same goods were now being offered as part of services for customers in order to save time, thus the birth of the Services Economy began to grow. As all things evolve, the Services Economy would give way to a new type of economic offer, not one of acquisition of things, rather one of doing things.

Companies like Disney gave birth to the next progression of offerings, the Experience Economy. An economic shift from customers acquiring products with a focus of time well saved to engagements of time well spent. It is this era that is driving dramatic change and creating unprecedented opportunities for growth.

Now you can learn to understand and leverage this shift away from Goods and Services to Experiences.

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