Exhausted from trying to make your event, meeting or message memorable only to find yourself doing the same thing over and over?

Making ideas and visions tangible and memorable. 




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“Kevin Dulle is one amazing talent! As I’ve seen many times, not only can he visually translate any discussion in real-time, but he can lead any group in thinking creatively and developing ideas.

I’m in awe.”

Author: B. Joseph Pine II

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You invested heavily in your gatherings, meetings or brainstorming sessions with time and money, yet the energy and content you created fades quickly. All your effort to really be affective diminishes. Ideas are lost and forgotten. Maybe its not the content thats failing. Maybe it’s that no one really sees the vision or the ideas like you do.

So, how do you make your next event, gathering or planning session a success? What has been missing from the content? Maybe context.

Using visual translations creates a different, better type of energy around any type of gathering or conversation. When people see your ideas, they can better understand them and begin to believe in them.

“It’s like having a photo of the conversation, but with words, images and other related content.”


Once an idea or vision becomes tangible, people can get excited in that idea.  They create a community around that idea. Seeing it and believing in it can create incredible change. Yet, for that idea to become believed, it must be seen clearly and become tangible.

That’s what Visual Thinking is all about.

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Presentations and Meetings



Explaining Visual Thinking

Meet the host, Kevin M. Dulle

Explaining what Visual Thinking is and how it can improve your thinking capabilities.

Visual Thinking With Dr. Draw

Episodes 05 – 07

“2×2 Matrix – Finding New Markets and Products” – EP05

Complexity Level = 4

2×2 matrix exercise

Developing new markets and products through the use of a 2×2 matrix .

“The New You” – EP06

Complexity Level = 2

Using a Venn diagram to focus.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” In this episode we help you uncover the possibilities.

“Sorting Friends” – EP07

Complexity Level = 3

Using a Venn diagram to focus.

Would you trust your friends to watch your pet over the weekend? The same ones you would share a beer with? Let’s find out.

Thanks to Dennis Mosley Williams for this suggestion.

See more episodes on Dr. Draw’s Channel.

Dr. Draw’s Doodle Challenges

“Out of Circles” – Doodle Challenge 01

“Out of Triangles” – Doodle Challenge 02

“Easy As A B C” – Doodle Challenge 03

“Squiggles” – Doodle Challenge 04

Now, let’s take a break and have some creative thinking fun.

Tune in for more episodes at Dr. Draw’s YouTube Channel and learn how to visually…

…Think in Ink

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Concepts, ideas and conversations from my (th)INKing Canvas shared. Welcome.

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