Welcome to the thINKing Canvas. Curating spaces for others so ideas can gather and grow through the use of visual translation and graphic facilitation.

So if you are wondering what is visual translation and why is it important? Simply put, its like the overdrive gear for the thinking brain in physical form.

“Curating A Space Where Ideas Gather and Grow”seeing-is-believing-banner 2

I do for strategy session and collaboration gatherings what Google Maps does for travelers. I help capture ideas and create visual maps and big picture canvases of collaborations, meetings and conversations at all levels.

Through the use of visual translation and focused listening skills, I translate intangible ideas into tangible plans.
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Individuals wishing to capture idea development, group ideation sessions needing to visualize strategy planning to corporate and industry conferences seeking to create visual thinking experiences and powerful memorabilia for presenters and attendees alike have leveraged visual translations.

This is more than performance art, this is art that improves performance.

“Together, we can now see the big picture and act as one in achieving our vision.

If you’re ready to elevate your ideas and create an experience to be remembered, then all you need to do is ask. Today is the best opportunity to begin the change for tomorrow.

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